Introduction Into LAP
The following videos below are an introduction into the LifeAfterPornography program.
*These videos are self-help presentations and NOT mental health therapy*
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Lesson Sample of the LifeAfterPornography Program 
This video above is used to illustrate the paradox of control. This lesson comes from Module 2 (The Paradox Of Control) in the LifeAfterPornography program. The associated LAP Worksheet for this lesson can be found here: 
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Dr. Cameron Staley TEDx Talk: Changing The Narrative Around The Addiction Story
What is it that creates acceptance ? or unacceptance? Join this discussion about by Cameron Staley on Pornography addiction. It's time to change how we talk about "pornography addiction", and it all starts, with mindfulness. 
The Life After Series Podcast With Dr. Cameron Staley
In the Life After Series Podcast, we discuss the mission and purpose of the Life After Series. Dr. Cameron Staley, Clinical Psychologist, discusses mental health, how to be kinder to ourselves, and other concerns we struggle with. In upcoming episodes, Dr. Cameron Staley will discuss different concerns we struggle with: anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and overcoming unwanted pornography.

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Changing The Narrative Around Pornography Podcast Episode
"Viewing pornography is an emotional concern -
NOT a sexual problem."
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is LAP designed for?

✔️ Adults who are struggling with unwanted pornography viewing and/or related compulsive sexual behaviors (e.g., masturbation)

✔️ Men and women of any sexual orientation or gender identity

✔️ People who have tried other pornography recovery approaches that haven't worked

✔️ Loved ones (spouses, partners, family members, friends) who want to learn ways to better support someone they care about who is struggling

✔️ Religious leaders who want to learn ways to help their members or parishioners

✔️ Parents invested in providing helpful guidance to their children with sexual concerns or healthy sexual development

 ✔️ Individuals under age 18 should not purchase the materials without the approval of their parents or guardians (The principles in LAP selected to help individuals reduce unwanted pornography viewing have not been researched with children or adolescents regarding their effectiveness.)

✔️ FOR CLINICIANS: We have developed a supplemental 6 hour Life After Workshop for Clinicians for mental health providers who want to better understand the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework behind LAP and how to help others overcome their struggles with unwanted pornography viewing. This program is a one-time fee of $49 after purchasing the LAP program. To learn more about this program, click here.

LAP is NOT intended to be a replacement for therapy. If you are experiencing significant distress or impairment in your life we strongly recommend you seek in-person professional therapy services in your area. We hope that LAP will provide you a framework to begin working on your own to effectively address your unwanted pornography viewing. 

How can I access LAP?

We designed the videos to be accessible from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also listen to the recordings on an MP3 player. We recommend printing the LAP Workbook out in its entirety or printing the weekly portion of the LAP Workbook before engaging in the modules so you can record your insights and impressions as you view the modules.

How do I begin using LAP?

Once you enroll, you will have access to the Membership page where you can print the LAP Workbook, view the introductory videos, and begin viewing the lessons in Module 1. All of the instructions on how to use and engage with the program are in the membership site.

What can I expect from LAP?

Each module will guide you through new ways to respond to sexual urges, thoughts, and emotions, and help you focus on behaviors that will lead to improvements in your quality of life instead of focusing on controlling urges or tracking time spent viewing pornography. This will include engaging in weekly mindfulness exercises, reflecting on concepts in the LAP Workbook, and engaging in “willingness” exercises in your personal life. Each module will end with specific challenges you are invited to engage in over the week.

How long will the LAP program take?

LAP consists of 10 weekly modules each with anywhere from 4-8 lessons. Each module will take around 60 to 90 minutes to complete. You are welcome to view the lessons as many times as you would like and take more than one week per module as needed. We have found it helpful to be consistent in completing the modules in a weekly manner as the concepts from each module build upon each other. It is not generally helpful to complete more than one module per week as we encourage you to engage in the challenges and reflection questions throughout the week before moving on to new content. Although each module is designed to teach you useful ideas and exercises, we recommend you complete all modules before determining if the principles in LAP are helpful for you.

Is LAP similar to counseling?

The principles you will learn and exercises you will engage with in LAP are similar to those you would experience with a clinician utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The difference is you are engaging in the learning yourself at your own pace. Self-help programs like LAP are not intended to match the specificity of treatment you would receive from in-person therapy. We DO NOT recommend using LAP as a replacement for therapy. LAP will not provide a diagnosis or treat mental illness. That being said, the 10 video modules in LAP resemble the same general approach used in working with individuals with compulsive pornography viewing concerns from an ACT framework.

The benefits of LAP is that you can engage in the exercises in the privacy of your own home, on your timeline, and are available to you at low cost. Although the video modules are intended to provide a more personal delivery of the ACT concepts than reading a self-help book, you may also miss out on more precise tailored services you would receive from an in-person therapist. We recommend viewing LAP as a step in addressing your unwanted pornography viewing and acknowledge that you may need additional assistance from a mental health provider in the future to address other mental health concerns that may be present.

Often individuals view pornography in an effort to manage other mental health or emotional concerns. Individuals who begin reducing their pornography viewing may experience distress as a result. As LAP is a self-help program and NOT mental health therapy, it is the responsibility of the individual participating in LAP to seek professional mental health help if needed. No professional relationship has been established between individuals who participate in LAP and any member affiliated with The Life After Series, LLC including Dr. Cameron Staley.

How do I get the most out of LAP?

Take time to absorb and apply the principles in your life. Approach new ideas with a “beginner's mind”. Don't rush through the modules. Give yourself permission to learn and make mistakes. Focus on improvements rather than “set backs”. Talk with people in your life about what you are learning. Discover what you want out of life as you let go of trying to “fix” problems.

What does the research say about ACT and online programs?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which LAP is based on, has support for addressing a wide range of mental health problems. There have been over 900 randomized controlled trials demonstrating the positive effects of ACT. If you are interested in the current research regarding ACT for other mental health concerns, please visit this page: ACT Research.

There are dozens of research studies finding strong support for online ACT self-help programs. Although LAP is based on the same ACT principles shown effective in research to reduce unwanted pornography viewing, no research has been conducted specifically about the effectiveness of LAP as an online self-help approach for addressing pornography. Additionally, no research to date has investigated the effectiveness of ACT for reducing pornography for women or adolescents as the research trials have been exclusively conducted with adult males. The LAP program may not be successful with all individuals who participate.

Will I have to interact with anyone from LAP online?

For individuals interested in connecting with other LAP members, we have developed a private Facebook group called The Life After Series Community for individuals seeking a space for connection, conversation, and education around mental health, reducing compulsive behaviors, and enhancing quality of life. This Facebook group is completely optional and voluntary and is intended to be an educational resource and not a substitute for professional therapy. This Community will be a place to share successes and challenges with applying psychological principles from the Life After Pornography program including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness, and self-compassion. Members will also be welcome to post questions, provide responses, and compassionately support each other.

Who knows that I’m enrolled in LAP?

Details about how your information is used is located in our privacy statement.

How do I pay for LAP?

You may use any major credit or debit card. The fee for the entire program is $97 for one year of access. Each order is processed through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment processing gateway (Stripe) to ensure your privacy.

If I’m having technical problems accessing LAP, who should I contact?

If you're having any technical problems accessing the visual or auditory content in LAP, please reach us by email at

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